The Benefits of a Sales Script for Your Fundraiser

When non-profit organizations run a fundraising campaign, a lot of work goes into every aspect of it, from conception to final accounting and delivery. First, a decision must be made on what your fundraiser will sell. Then, the rest of the details come into play. How long will you sell for? How do you set up the fundraiser, and make sure every member of your group has what they need? It’s a lot to handle, and sometimes important details can get lost in the hustle and bustle of a fundraiser launch. However, one thing that every non-profit should seriously consider is a uniform sales script for all of your participants to use when making sales.

Why should you design a sales script for your selling members? After all, you may be thinking, it can’t be that hard, or make that much of a difference. Say who you are, say what you’re selling and voila! The reality, unfortunately, is a little more complicated than that. Some people are truly, deeply shy. For these individuals, door to door sales can seem akin to torture. For them, providing a sales script can make them feel more confident, and provide a good launching pad for a great sale. Even the most energetic, enthusiastic members of your team (who may be mostly or all children) may use a selling technique that is less likely to get results. I’ve opened the door many times to a nervous looking teen with a brochure who blurts out, “You want to buy some candy?” This is understandably confusing, and doesn’t answer any of the unspoken questions.

People are impressed by professionalism, especially in young people. Just because someone is young, it doesn’t mean they can’t sell well, and a script can help them do that. Practice, practice, practice – and then sell! While there are many approaches to fundraising sales pitches, an effective script might go something like this.

Sarah: (knocks on door)

Homeowner: Hello?

Sarah: Hello, my name is Sarah, and I’m with the City Girls Junior Soccer League. We’re selling value priced liquid laundry detergent to help our team afford new uniforms and equipment for the upcoming season. Would you be interested in supporting us?

Now, Sarah wouldn’t be alone (safety first), and the conversation hopefully wouldn’t end here. Team members can’t be expected to memorize a long script – that’s why the introductory part is free. Beyond that, provide them with brochures and other promotional items that lay out the details, and make sure they know their product. If they can answer questions about pricing and benefits of the product, they are likely to be able to complete a successful sale after the initial speech.

So, put together a sales script. Do it with your team, or at least go through it with them. Explain what it does, and why it’s important. When people know who you are, and what you’re trying to do, they tend to want to help you. When you’re clear about what you’re offering, they’re more likely to feel comfortable considering the purchase. A sales script is a great way to ensure your team is well armed for their fundraiser from the first day to the last.